Selasa, 01 November 2016

TV host

It's not every day that we get this excited about a cookbook. But Kitchen Gypsy - the latest from local chef, author, TV host and culinary instructor Joanne Weir - is so much more. Alongside the book's recipes are Weir's colorful stories, which say a lot about the chef's lifelong romance with food - from growing up on her family's farm in the Berkshires to her Chez Panisse years to the opening of her wildly successful Sausalito restaurant, Copita.―PureWowEvery recipe in this book is a winner...Pick up a copy and learn the meaning of California-Mediterranean cuisine.―Food Republic...a delicious, often humorous read, lavishly illustrated and filled with inspiration.―San Jose Mercury News[Weir's] latest masterpiece, Kitchen Gypsy, is a work from the heart. It's a memoir of sorts that looks back at her culinary career...filled with tantalizing dishes and fascinating insider tidbits.―MyDomaineDesigned like an artful memoir.―Alaska Airlines Magazine

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